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The poor economic climate in Orange County finds hundreds of people in default each month. The disturbing fact is that most of these people are not aware that there are options available to them, and often wait until it is too late to resolve the problem.

The key to avoiding foreclosure is finding out what options you have and considemaking home affordablering which option will work out best for you. Through the Obama Administration the Making Home Affordable Program (MHAP) you have a couple of options which include refinancing your current mortgage (loan modification) or listing and selling your property as a short sale (for less than what is owed).

  • Loan Modification – Through the government sponsored Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) most Lenders who participate in this program make loan modifications for FREE! However, borrower usually must prove Financial Hardship in order to qualify. There are also many loan modification scams out there and you need to be very cautious if approached by anyone who is willing to help you with a loan modification and they are asking for upfront fees.
  •  Short Sale – There is now a government sponsored program called the Home Afforadable Foreclosure Alternative Program (HAFA) which is attempting to stream line the short sale process. If you decide to list and sell your property as a Short Sale time is of the essence and the sooner you prepare the better chance you have of salvaging your credit.  If the property goes into foreclosure the foreclosure will severly damage your credit.

 Note: Borrower still must prove Financial Hardship in order to get the lenders and other lien holders to cooperate with a short sale.

Benefits of a Short Sale:

    • FREE – Absolutely No Fees or Cost To You
    • Cash Back From Bank For Cooperation
    • Lease Back Program
    • Free Rental Placement Service
    • Mortgage Debt Relief
    • Credit Restoration
    • Prevent Foreclosure
    • Back Taxes Can Be Eliminated
    • We Do All The Work & Negotiate With The Bank(s)
    • Stay In Your Home Longer
    • Choose A Move Out Date
    • Discreet – No For Sale Sign

For a free printable guide on the process click on the link: Guide-to-Short-Sale-Process

For Free Counseling on your options you can go to: and/or call 888-995-HOPE. – Federal government’s modification/refinance/short-sale programs. – FAQs concerning these programs.

As a CDPE (Certified Distressed Property Expert) we specialize in helping people in your situation and we offer our expertise at absolutely no cost or obligation to you. If you would like our help just fill out the form below or call Kathleen Jones at (714) 323-6662.



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